本文摘要:The chief executive of Baidu has said the Chinese search engine must reform or face “bankruptcy in 30 days”, following a scandal over an advertisement for cancer therapy.百度(Baidu)首席执行官回应,这家中国搜索引擎必需改革,否则“离倒闭就知道只有30天”。


The chief executive of Baidu has said the Chinese search engine must reform or face “bankruptcy in 30 days”, following a scandal over an advertisement for cancer therapy.百度(Baidu)首席执行官回应,这家中国搜索引擎必需改革,否则“离倒闭就知道只有30天”。此前百度被接踵而来一场环绕癌症化疗广告的丑闻。

“Our values have become distorted, and financial performance has become more important to us than user experience,” Robin Litold employees a day after Cyberspace Administration, China’s internet regulator, imposed controls on medical advertising on the site.“我们的价值观被断裂变形了,业绩快速增长凌驾于用户体验,”李彦宏(Robin Li)对雇员们回应。一天前,中国互联网监管机构——国家网信筹办(Cyberspace Administration of China)实施了针对百度网站上医疗广告的管控措施。The search engine has been under heightened scrutiny following the death of a 21-year-old student from a rare form of cancer in April. His parents said he used Baidu to search for alternative treatments, and paid Rmb200,000 ($31,000) for “biological immunotherapy” offered by a Beijing hospital. They added that the experimental treatment had no effect and led him to miss opportunities to use proven treatments.该搜索引擎在一名21岁的学生4月病死一种少见癌症后受到紧密注目。


他的父母回应,他曾在百度上搜寻替代疗法,并缴纳了20万元人民币(合3.1万美元)拒绝接受北京一家医院获取的“生物免疫疗法”。他们补足说道,这种实验性化疗没效果,还造成他错失了拒绝接受经过检验的化疗的良机。Since the scandal broke this month, Baidu’s share price has fallen more than 13 per cent as investors have questioned its dependence on an under-regulated medical industry for revenues.自这场丑闻在本月初愈演愈烈以来,百度股价总计暴跌多达13%,投资者批评其倚赖监管严重不足的医疗产业取得营收。Healthcare accounts for 20-30 per cent of search income, according to Barclays, while search revenues represented 84 per cent of total sales in 2015.据巴克莱银行(Barclays)讲解,医疗保健占到搜寻收益的20%至30%,而搜寻收益占到2015年总销售额的84%。


The regulator on Monday told Baidu to vet advertisers more carefully, mark and attach risk warnings to all paid search results more clearly. It also said ads must comprise only 30 per cent of results displayed on a page.周一,网信筹办牵头调查组拒绝百度更为严肃地审查广告商资质,对搜寻结果中的商业推展信息逐项标示显眼标识,并不予风险提醒。监管者还拒绝严苛容许商业推展信息比例,每页面不得多达30%。Mark Natkin, head of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting, said the Cyberspace Administration’s statement was vaguely worded and its financial impact on the company would only become clear in the coming days.北京迈博瑞咨询(Marbridge Consulting)的马克纳特金(Mark Natkin)回应,网信筹办的声明措辞模棱两可,对百度的财务影响要过几天才不会显得明朗。

Mr Li pledged in his open letter to change Baidu’s corporate culture, which he said was “drifting away from its users” by focusing on profits. “If we lose the support of users, we lose hold of our values, and Baidu will truly go bankrupt in just 30 days,” he wrote, saying the crisis was worse than any incident the company had previously experienced.李彦宏在他的公开信中允诺转变百度的企业文化;他否认,对利润念念不忘使该公司“与用户渐行渐远”。“如果丧失了用户的反对,丧失了对价值观的固守,百度离倒闭就知道只有30天!”他写到。他说道,这场危机比该公司以往经历过的任何事件都更为相当严重。“I see senior engineers trapped in a conflict of interest between commercial interest and user experience, and often compromising the latter. Users are raising questions concerning the fairness and transparency of our commercial promotion results, and complaining about commercialisation of our products,” he said.“我更好地……不会看见一些高级工程师在均衡商业利益和用户体验之间纠葛甚至让步。

用户也因此开始批评我们商业推展的公平性和客观性,吐槽我们产品的加装策略,赞成我们贴吧、百科等产品的过度商业化,”他回应。In January, the company apologised after criticism over medical advice found on its online forums known as Tieba. Users had attacked the company for replacing the volunteer moderator of a board devoted to haemophilia with a for-profit clinic that paid Baidu for the privilege.今年1月,该公司在其网上论坛“贴吧”上的医疗建议招来抨击后做出了致歉。